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Another Year means New Advanced Engineered Mathews Bows!

Avid Archery - Kansas City - Mathews Authorized Dealer!

Mathews has released new bows for 2010 and Avid Archery is your place to pick them up! Below shows off two of the more popular new bows but come in to see all we offer! Come by the shop to see the latest bows, test shoot them to find the perfect bow for you and learn all about archery and the many accessories!

The New Mathews Z7™ Bow - Smooth Smooth Smooth!!!

Avid Archery - Mathews Z7 Bow

Experience the perfect blend of speed, and accuracy with the All New Mathews® Z7™. Featuring the Z7 Cam™ which provides blazing speed with an ultra-smooth draw, the Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard that reduces friction for a smoother draw cycle, and a stronger, lighter-weight riser made with revolutionary new Grid Lock™ Technology combine for the ultimate balance in performance. The Z7™ comes standard with the Dead End String Stop, Harmonic Stabilizer, Monkey Tails, SlimFit grip. This is the finest hunting bow ever produced. Mathews Z7™- Expectations Exceeded!

The New Mathews Monster™ 7.0 Bow!!!

Avid Archery - Mathews Monster 7.0 Bow

For 2010, the Monster™ has evolved. With revolutionary AVS Technology assuring perfect cam timing and a more forgiving 7 inch brace height the explosive speed of the Monster™ has been re-engineered into a hyper-accurate, smooth-pulling performance machine. With the new extra-rigid Grid Lock™ riser and vibration killing Harmonic Stabilizer- this bow will impress! The McPherson Series Monster 7.0, power and control all in one bow!

Conquest Triumph

Since 1997 the Mathews Conquest has won more prize money than any other bow in archery! The accuracy and consistency that the Conquest has given over the last decade plus, is a testimony to single cam dominance and Mathews unparalleled quest for excellence. Continuing in this heritage of excellence is the new Conquest Triumph. With features such as Grid Lock Riser, Dual Harmonic Stabilizers and brand new Triumph solocam, this bow is a Triumph in engineering and a Triumph in accuracy. Find your way to the podium with the new Mathews Triumph.


Excellence is found in every product from Mathews® and options are great to have. The DR2™ has both! The NEW for 2010 DR2™ features a Perimeter Weighted DR2 Cam™, SE3 Composite SlimLimbs™ with String Suppressors™, Roller Guard, Harmonic Damping™, and a Slim Fit Grip™. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, this bow is a “value added” tool for any archers bow case!


The NEW Mathew Passion is specifically engineered and designed for the female archer. Featuring draw weight options from 30-70 pounds, the 29 3/4-inch axle-to-axle Passion weighs only 3.6 pounds—the ideal weight so that any woman archer can be comfortable with. With draw length options between 22.5-29 inches (half-inch sizes also available) the cam specific Passion includes special colored Zebra Barracuda strings, Mathews’ proprietary Harmonic Damping System, the NEW Harmonic Stabilizer, String Suppressors, Perimeter Weighted Solocam, Ball Bearing Roller Guard, a small, color matched Inline Walnut Grip, and Mathews’ pioneered parallel limb design- all the tricked out features you would expect to see on a Mathew premier bow. Available in three different functional and modern chic-styles- Pink, Teal or Camo.

Mission Bows - Great Bow for a Great Price!

We carry Mission Bows. A great affordable bow made by Mathews. These bows offer great performance for a better price!

Mission Authorized Dealer!

Come check out the latest Mission Bows featuring:


The all-new Voyager is a lengthy 34 inches axle-to-axle, with fully-machined aluminum riser, making it sturdy and Spartan-like, yet swift and precise. We've even thrown in a Harmonic Stabilizer for extra reduction in vibration and hand torque. Whether you're heading for a stand deep in the woods or a Rocky Mountain elk hunt, this Voyager is ready to go.

Eliminator II

For 2010, we've made the award-winning* Eliminator even better by shaving a few more precious ounces off the mass weight, adding a walnut grip, and making room for the optional Harmonic Stabilizer, an advanced dampening accessory that can eliminate post-release vibration up to 75%! Ask for it at your Mission retailer.


The all-new Maniac is a testament to bow hunting savvy, with parallel limbs and an adjustable dual cam system that reaches up to 310 fps all in one compact, light-weight package. The Maniac is aimply the best bow in this price range.


The BX1 is the latest in the acclaimed Mission X Series. Machined for less weight, fully camouflaged, a wood grip, string cushions, and Cable-X Silencers make this perimeter-weighted single-cam bow the perfect combination of simplicity, efficiency and power.


The unique draw-to-weight ratio and affordability of the UX2 make it the perfect choice for any archer. Whether you're a highly-skilled mature buck of the archery world, or a green-horned hunter new to the sport, you'll find the quick, do-it-yourself adjust-ability a cinch, and the smooth, top-notch performance the quality you've come to expect from a Mission.


Ask any archer and they'll tell you bow hunting is the most exciting thing they do... but it's no leisure activity. It takes dedication, persistence, focus, strength of mind and character. Sound like virtues you'd like to pass along to your kids? Yeah, we thought so. That's why we invented the Menace - so you can start them out young and start them out right with high-performance and easy adjust-ability they can grow with. How easy it it? So simple, a first-grader could do it. No press, no special tools. Just remove the screw, adjust the module, replace the screw, adjust the module, replace the screw, and then get out your camo, you're ready to hunt!

Elite Archery - Perfected Excellence!

We carry Elite Archery Bows. Come check out the Revolution Cam System on these bows! Featuring the following bows:

Elite Archery Dealer!

Elite Judge

With a 6” brace height, 34 7/8” axle to axle and an IBO Speed of 343 to 347 FPS, the Judge revolutionizes “Speed without Compromise”

Elite GT500

The GT500 shoots like a dream without the hard pull of other binary cam systems.

Elite Z28

The Z28 encompasses an extremely smooth draw, forgiving brace height and quick speeds. We could talk about it all day, but the truth is in the shot.

Elite XLR

With our most forgiving brace height and longest axle to axle, the XLR's accuracy can't be questioned.

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